OLLYLABS Computer and Device Support

At OLLYLABS, we understand how important computers, tablets and phones are to your daily life and business. We pride ourselves in speed, quality and customer service. Our trained staff can diagnose and repair almost any problem that your computer or computers gives you. So whether you have a issue or are setting up a brand new office, drop us a line and see what we can do for you.

  • Desktop's and Laptops
  • Phones and Tablets
  • Servers
  • Multimedia Devices
  • Pricing
  • Other Services

  • Emergencies, like virus infections, data loss and system failures – We will repair on or off site, and have spare parts with us. In some cases, if parts need to be ordered, we can loan you a computer free of charge until yours is repaired. For data recovery, we will usually take the computer with us depending on the severity.
  • Workstation Services – We can repair and maintain all Windows, Mac, and Linux machines you have. Plus set up your new ones.
  • Laptop Screen Replacements – Screen replacements are done off site unless the screen is preordered.
  • Regular Tune-ups and Maintenance – If your computer starts to do weird things, or is just getting slow, let us know. Computers also need to be cleaned regularly.  They collect dust and the heat build-up can lead to component failure. Regular maintenance can detect when issues are starting, and problems can be remedied before disaster strikes.
  • Computer Backup and Data Retention – We offer cloud backup services to home users and businesses, but home users are encouraged to use Carbonite. An excellent backup service with many features for computers and mobile devices. Learn more here
  • Remote Assistance/Maintenance – We not only fix your equipment, we support it.  Whether you’re at home or the office, our internet based remote assistance can reach you anywhere in the world. Discounted service rates are second to none. Maintenance contracts guarantee a reliable operating environment, and ensure equipment is serviced before disaster strikes. View our Managed Services.

We also design and sell custom computers and servers for specific uses; farms, high heat, outdoors, high capacity storage servers, integration into furniture… Contact us to learn more

Phones are just like computers, execpt more fragile. Viruses happen, slow downs happen, and yes, people happen. When you carry your phone and tablet around with you, it experiences all the bumps, drops, spills and “accidents” that you encounter. So it is more prone to breakage. Thats where we come in.

  • $30 Iphone 5-6 Screen Repair
  • $50 Screen Repair For Most Tablets
  • $50 Screen Repair For Most Android Phones
  • $50 Screen Repair for Most Older Iphone and Ipods
  • $50 General Fixes. Slowness, Plug Repairs, etc.
  • $100 Recovery of a Dead Phone, Tablet, or media player or $0 If We Can’t.

Please note these prices don’t include the materials. Also, most mobile devices lose value and are outdated quickly. When this happens they are usually not worth fixing. We will let you know if this is the case. *Important* We will not repair phones/tablets under warranty as most repairs void whatever warranties exist. Also, check with your cellular provider to see if you have insurance on your phone. They may upgrade, repair or replace it for free or at a discounted rate.

Servers are the core of most business. Without them, everything comes to a halt. However, maintaining and troubleshooting can cause the most luscious heads of hair to fall out. Don’t lose your hair, contact us. We can repair and maintain all Windows Client/Server versions and Linux/Mac Servers.

  • Active Directory + Other Directory Servers
  • File, Web and Backup Servers
  • Print, Logging and Update Servers
  • We Will Also Setup New or Upgrade Existing Servers and Infrastructure
  • Save Money By Hosting  Your Servers in Our Cloud  – More Here
  • Look at Our IT Services Page For Those Who Have Lots of Equipment

Did you get a new TV? Do you need a new audio system? Maybe you want music throughout your whole house? Schedule an appointment today to talk over options.

  • $100 TV Installation and Setup – We will come to your house or office and mount your tv and connect to your cable box or media player, make sure it is on your network, and give you a brief tutorial. This does not include having to run wires to the TV or linking it to online services. Any extra services or TV’s are charged at $50/hr.
  • TV Repair – We can repair certain most flat screen TV’s and common issues on some TV’s. Please note we will not repair old tube type TV’s (we will recycle them though)
  • Hosted Media – Have a large music collection? Tons of home movies or pictures? We offer a convenient and cheap way of storing and sharing all of your media to your devices and friends.

We have some of the lowest prices in the industry.

  • Our Hourly Local (somd) Rate is $50
  • Other Rates depends on how far and time we’re at the location. We try to schedule multiple jobs in a single direction. Saving everyone money and time.
  • For Seniors, Non-Profits and Military there is a 10% discount

We are known for Computer and Network Repair. But these are other services we offer that are useful to some, but do not really fit into a particular category.

  • Office Equipment Repair – Fax Machines, Printers, Copiers, Shredders, Furniture etc. Pretty much if you use it in your office, there’s a good chance one of us can fix it. Repairing not only helps the environment, it’s one less thing you have to buy.
  • Toner Delivery – Combined with our Managed Monitoring Services, we know when your printer needs ink and consumables. If you’d like, we deliver or ship ink/toner to your office for all your printers before you run out. We will also ship paper with it. Delivery really only applies to local SOMD businesses or older folks, but we can ship it wherever you are (US Only)
  • Equipment recycling – We will recycle your old computer and office equipment for free if you’re a customer. Or a nominal charge if not – but why would you not be 🙂
  • Other Strange Stuff – Just ask. We’re asked weird stuff all the time and we may be able to help.